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Cath Kidson Knitting Set Cath Kids

A lovely knitting kit by Cath Kidson in small patterned robust cardboard suitcase containing 3 balls of wool, knitting needles and instruction leaflet. 25cms x 17cms x 9cms » Check Price Now!

Vintage – Bayko – no. 1 set

Vintage Bayko building set – no 1 Plimpton Engineering co Ltd Liverpool with full construction booklet 5 pieces missing Box lid ripped corners » Check Price Now!

Trash Pack Bundle – Figures and Vehicles Trash Pack

A large collection of Trash Pack veicles and figures to include 36 figures, too many to name, Trash Pack Sewer Truck RRP £59.00, Capture Zombies Truck RRP £29.00, Load Lugger RRP £30.00. This is in very clean used condition. Perhaps over £150.00 worth of Trash Pack. Condition: All vehicles are in working order, we can

Lego Hero Factory 2141 + 2068 = Lego

Unopened box, first produced in 2011. Box size 18.2 x 11.2 x 6.1 cm. ‘Attention Surge! Deep space Tanker Station 22 is under attack by the Fire Lord and his band of hot-headed villains. You can’t get too close, so use your new headgear with a long-distance thermo scope and built-in motion sensor to shoot

Playmobil Collection – Over 35 Figures – Vehicles, Landscapes,Accessories Playmobil

A large collection of various aged Playmobil dating from 1970’s to modern. What you see in the pictures is what you get, a large array of different figures, buildings, landscape items and accessories. Some of the highlights are a 1974 TV camera man and a 1994 Trike is a metalic purple with rider. There is

Knex Mighty Makers Inventor’s Club House Knex

Invent anything you can imagine with Emily and Audrey in the Inventor’s Clubhouse Building Set from Mighty Makers. Emily and Audrey meet up in the Inventor’s Clubhouse and let their imaginations sore. By building inventions they see in everyday life, these girls are inspired to create their own contraptions. Help Emily create a flapping bird,

Lego Bionicle Barraki Ehlek 8920 Lego

Bionicle Barraki Ehlek 9820 – A collectable Lego item. Unused, still sealed in its blue plastic box. Meaures 8.75 ins tall. » Check Price Now!

Bino Marionette/Puppet Clown Unknown

`Lovely clown puppet to make up stories with in colourful clothes with an easy to use string mechanism. Box 29cms x 12cms x 7cms. » Check Price Now!


Parts of the lego Harry Potter Night Bus » Check Price Now!

wilko paint your own canvas (L10)

paint your own canvas » Check Price Now!

50% OFF SALE K’Nex (KNEX) : 2 Official Cases Full of Various K’Nex Pieces K’Nex

2 official K’nex carry cases full of various pieces of K’Nex (wheels, etc). Perfect to bulk up a collection or to start a new one.Let your imagination run wild with this ideal Christmas gift. » Check Price Now!

Wooden Farm Yard with Buildings and Accessories

A wooden farm yard play set with buildings and lots of accessories in very good condition. The set comprises: Large Barn. Small Barn. Windmill with rotating sails. Kennel. Wheelbarrow with rotating wheel. 2 fruit trees. 7 green trees of varying sizes. 2 buckets with red cord handles. 4 small solid wood house buildings. 6 wooden

Sylvanian Families set. (House, furniture, figures, park, car and caravan)

Large set of Sylvanian Families items. Includes Oakwood manor house, Family car, Caravan, Woodland Bus, Primrose Park, 24 figures and 255 items of furniture, home-ware, Food stuffs. Previously loved in good condition, caravan and car boxed. Will be sent by courier in two boxes. » Check Price Now!

Tomy Girl’s World Fashion Designer Tomy

Tomy Girl’s World Fashion Designer. The exciting way to create your own fashion designs. Many different fashion styles can be created. In original packaging. » Check Price Now!

Doctor Who ‘The flesh bowl figure creator’ kit BBC

Doctor Who ‘The flesh bowl figure creator’ kit * BBC’s Dr Who Series 6 * The Flesh Bowl Creator * Recreate scenes from Doctor Who with this gruesome figure creator! * Includes figure ‘bio frame’ and tools * Mix your €˜The Flesh€™ compound then use the hand pump and moulding tank to make your own

Toys & Games Longridge

Magnetic Iron Head Cover for Golf » Check Price Now!

Vintage 1974 Geobra (Playmobil) – 2 Knights and 4 Horses.

Rare vintage 1974 Geobra (Playmobil) two knights and four horses in excellent condition. The two knight figures are in red and blue with silver body armour and helmets. There is some minimal discolouration on the body armour of the red figure only. The red figure has brown hair and the blue figure has black hair.

Lego Star Wars: 2 Book Bundle

Lego Star Wars 2 book bundle Includes ‘The Dark Side’ and ‘The Yoda Chronicles’. Lego Star Wars : The Dark Side – Discover the dark side of the Lego Star Wars galaxy. Meet the most villainous mini-figures in the galaxy. See the inner workings of Darth Vader’s armoured suit and Darth Sidious’s lightsaber. Explore galactic

Lego Creator (Instruction Books) Bundle LEGO : CREATOR

LEGO CREATOR INSTRUCTION BOOKS BUNDLE OF 8. Contains the following Lego Creator books; – Lego Creator : 31009 (Windmill) – Lego Creator : 31009 (House) – Lego Creator : 5766 (Cabin) – Lego Creator : 10199 (Christmas Scene) – Lego Creator : 5891 (Large House) – Lego Creator : 5891 (Single House) – Lego Creator

Galt Nursery Octons Vintage

Galt Nursery Octons Vintage » Check Price Now!