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Closing eleven episodes from the first season of the popular American comedy. ‘The Blame Game’ sees Ally and Cage taking on a case which Fish believes to be a strong potential money-spinner for the firm. In ‘Body Language’, Fish asks Ally to flirt with a new client. ‘Once in a Lifetime’ finds Ally trying to weasel her way out of a date with Cage, and in ‘Forbidden Fruits’, Ally and her colleagues get involved in a case where a jilted spouse sues a US Senator. ‘Theme of Life’ sees Ally visiting Cage’s smile therapist, while ‘The Playing Field’ focuses on a bizarre sexual harassment case and an encounter with a child prodigy. ‘Happy Birthday Baby’ finds Ally defending a foot fetishist while her colleagues plan her birthday surprise, and ‘The Inmates’ has Renee arrested for assault and battery – with Ally called in to defend her. ‘Being There’ sees Renee’s assault and battery case culminating in a confrontation with Ally, while Elaine’s spying creates an uncomfortable situation for Billy and Georgia. ‘Alone Again’ has Cage fighting a case against a former classmate from law school; a woman he has always had a special feeling about. Finally, in ‘These are the Days’, Renee and Cage come face-to-face in a bizarre romantic court case. Disc/case 1 AC/VG Disc/case 2 AC/VG

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